My Approach: Cognitive-Perceptual (CP) Therapy

I’ve developed the Early Memories Procedure EMP as part of new generation of psychological procedures designed to simplify the path to self-understanding. The EMP is used in cognitive-perceptual (CP) therapy, a newer approach to psychotherapy that focuses specifically on personal memories. CP therapy is designed to help patients understand their most pressing issues by the end of the second session and to begin resolving them by the third. Read more about the Early Memories Procedure EMP on my blog.


Therapy Services

I offer a range of psychotherapy services through my clinical practice. All of these leverage the Early Memories Procedure EMP & Cognitive-Perceptual (CP) Therapy.  Therapy sessions ordinarily take place in my office, although alternate arrangements can be made.

Individual Therapy: I will provide an Early Memories Procedure (EMP) after the initial visit. The EMP is interpreted during the second session so we can clarify the kind of work that needs to be done. Supplementary procedures may be completed as needed.

Couples Therapy: Couples work normally requires 90 minute sessions. I ask that each partner complete an EMP to clarify what each partner brings to the relationship and the history that has been created as a result. Interpretative work is done in session for both partners.

Family, Child and Adolescent Therapy: I originally trained at Duke to do child and adolescent therapy and family therapy. I can do play therapy with younger children, but prefer to train parents as soon as is feasible to do the kind of work themselves that I do with their children.



Sliding scale may be available on a limited basis.

45 minute session: $110 (for individuals)

90 minute session: $220 (for couples, interpretive or intensive work)

Workshops: I regularly offer workshops and symposia for universities, mental health clinics and groups. Standard topics include: How To Interpret Autobiographical Memories (or the EMP), Brief Focused Insight Oriented Memory Therapy, and Using the Comprehensive Memory Scoring System. Custom workshops to fit your needs can be arranged given at least a two-month lead time.


Memory Procedures

While my memory procedures are sold to anyone for individual self-exploration and self-development, they are best suited for use by trained professionals in a clinical setting. These are hardcopy booklet format designed for handwritten entry. For therapists or intake workers, we recommend that these procedures be used routinely with clients as part of the intake process.

The Early Memories Procedure (EMP) is designed to be used first, the others as needed. Test information is provided for each procedure. For professionals, we recommend that the EMP should be given on site and the client instructions handled as you might for a Millon. You will find that the EMP protocol should help you organize other test data, as you now have a personal history available.


Interpretation Services

If you would like some help with a few of your memories or a second opinion, or you want a full procedure interpreted, please visit the store and we’ll get started. I can provide a one-paragraph summary of the issues that you appear to be working on in my sample interpretation. Alternatively, you may consider a full interpretation of your protocol, in which we get into significantly more detail.

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